A X  P R O J E C T  D E V E L O P M E N T S  I N C.

AX Project Developments Inc. (AX-PD) was set up in January 2010 with a view to explore the possibility of expanding its growth portfolios in real estate and asset acquisition, as well as looking into the development of businesses and land assets in the Philippines, particularly in the Quezon Province region. The estimated returns on lands for such ventures to achieve real potential value are better than high risks growth portfolios.

Its primary focus is to identify and secure highly potential undeveloped land for residential and commercial property development. To this end, various plots of land needed to complement its mixed property portfolio have been acquired solely for this purpose.

In the near future, AX Project Developments Inc. plans to look into Travel & Tour Packages in the Philippines as well.

AX Project Developments Inc. core mission is to seek and develop valuable assets in the Philippines, thereby improving the quality of life of its people, both directly and indirectly. We believe that the Philippines have much to offer and our objective is to showcase its beauty and potential to our pool of ready clients and customers.