A X  P R O J E C T  D E V E L O P M E N T S  I N C.

Set up in January 2010, AX Project Developments Inc. (AXPD) a Property Development and Investment Company focused on the residential, commercial and tourism sectors of the Philippines property market.

With a network of subsidiaries and associated companies under its wings, AXPD currently owns and manages a vast ranging portfolio of residential and investment properties, including resorts. AXPD holds an impressive track record of having developed luxurious and quality homes and offices across diverse market segments. As one of Katarungan's biggest landlord, it owns over 1.9 million square feet of floor / tenantable area of residential, office, agricultural and hotel space in The Philippines. With a land bank size of over 1.3 million square feet, which can be potentially developed into over 3 million square feet of gross floor area, AXPD is committed to expanding its portfolio in key cities in The Philippines.

AXPD's presence is led by its diversification into hospitality management and the acquisition of hotel assets. Spearheading it with its Boayan and Poblacion land acquisition, AXPD is in preparation for its intended development of The Palawan Resort, a five star luxury hotel and resort accommodation in Philippine's last frontier. With the intention to merge with future expansions into the travel industry, AXPD has plans in the pipeline for its integration into the booming tourism sector in The Philippines.

AXPD's success is founded on the quality and integrity of our people and the long-term relationships we build with our customers plus an unrivaled knowledge of the property market in The Philippines.

In a short period of time, AX Project Developments (AXPD) has assembled a real estate portfolio of landmark development projects and high quality investment assets in 'high demand' areas in The Philippines, which are projected to enjoy substantial growth in the coming years.

Our vision is to continue this growth trajectory, whilst remaining highly focused on rigorous research and studies toward the profitability and sustainability of every development project.

Our growth will be directed towards where we see the greatest opportunities and we will use the full extent of our expertise and the strength of our financial support to stay competitive even as we see real estate market conditions evolve.